Wayfinder is the National Catalogue of Public Rights of Way in England and Wales

Wayfinder is a comprehensive collection of information led by users and respected by authority. It is the only source of reliable and complete information about Public Rights of Way in England and Wales. The information has been gradually accumulated by many users for over a decade and continues to grow in size, detail and accuracy. Whether you are an avid long distance walker, a casual dog walker, horserider, motorcycle rider or jogger then Wayfinder is the place to find new places to enjoy the countryside and for you to share your knowledge and discoveries with other users and at the same time feed information about the state of the Rights of Way network to the authorities responsible for their care and maintenance.

Ever since May 2001 hundreds of users of Public Rights of Way have been supplying information to Wayfinder. Now Wayfinder has many thousands of users and tens of thousands of lane entries. An important strength of Wayfinder has always been that users freely share the small bits of information they have which between them make up the big picture. It is this user involvement that has led to the most complete catalogue of Rights of Way in existance and Wayfinder continues to grow and flourish because of this continued flow of information from its users. So please do enter user evidence when you have used a lane and what you know, no matter how small, and contribute to the big picture. Even entering information about a single sign adds to the value of Wayfinder!

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Wayfinder is completely free to all users of public rights of way. We ask that you help us by adding the information that you know and that you complete user evidence every time you have used a lane - a small price to pay don't you think?
If you would like to give more back and make a donation then that will be gratefully acepted and used to make sure that Wayfinder remains free and remains available for everyone to share.

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Neither Wayfinder© nor the members of the Wayfinder Administration Team accept any responsibility for inaccuracies in the information contained within Wayfinder or for any consequences that may arise from such inaccuracies. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that legal rights of passage exist on any route before they use it in any capacity.